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We started EcoShackNZ just before the pandemic hit New Zealand. We faced lots of challenges in terms of shipping and deliveries, and we actually thought that EcoShackNZ will go down as one of the casualties of Covid-19. It is an understatement to say that the pandemic tested our structures and processes, and it made us adjust our systems so we can provide a better service to our customers.

We then re-evaluated our mission, and we came up with:

To provide sustainable, quality and beautiful earth-friendly alternatives to every home.

What was astounding was the number of amazing people who, without qualms, were extremely understanding and supportive. So we can say that you, our customers who believed in us right from the start, saved us from what could have been a devastating result for us. We are deeply humbled and will forever be grateful.

We will continue to provide great products that we’ll be proud to have in your homes.

EcoShackNZ sources the most sustainable and eco-friendly products that won’t cost the earth.

The reality of climate change is upon us, and every day we see reminders of the consequences of abuse and greed that our planet has endured over the years. We believe that it is each and everyone's responsibility to help out on the campaign against global warming.  

The task ahead is mammoth, and it needs to be done hand-in-hand and as a community forging forward. We advocate for everyone to evaluate their every day living, and to look for opportunities to do better for the earth.

They say, “what’s the point, the world is broken anyway.”

We at EcoShackNZ say, “yes, it probably is, but come help us unbreak it…”

Our story is that of a sustainable journey.


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