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Sustainable Packaging Made from Plants,

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Born out of a desire to provide eco-friendly alternatives to traditional single-use packaging, the EcoPack team is passionate about how our products can transform your home or business offering by using renewable, sustainable solutions.

As the premier sustainable packaging solutions company in South Africa, we address the need for environmentally responsible disposable packaging solutions – from events catering to retail food packaging – and we strive to offer value while doing so.

We offer a highly versatile range of single-use biodegradable and compostable food and beverage containers, as well as cartons and other packaging consumables.

Our VISION is that EcoPack remains actively involved in:

-Advancing the development and use of environmentally sustainable packaging solutions.

-Supplying superior quality products that are manufactured according to high standards and strict principles of minimal environmental impact.

-Being customer-focused in our business dealings, forming partnerships with our customers to drive eco-efficiency in packaging choices.

-Actively participating in our society as an environmentally and socially responsible corporate citizens.

-EcoPack is a member of the Earthly Directions Group of Companies and our hands-on team brings varied experience in the areas of oil & gas, retail, eventing, marketing and the development and sale of compostable packaging solutions. Our common goal remains a desire to create positive environmental change through sustainable, eco-efficient business practices and products.



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