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Organic Premium Coconut Products

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Jaindi Exports (Pvt) Ltd is a well reputed large scale coconut based food and beverage products manufacturer & exporter under the brand name econutrena. Primarily based in Sri Lanka, the company offers an expanding & diversified product portfolio ranging from coconut based products a range of organic spices, fruits, Ayurvedic and beverage products to the global market.

To become the preferred supplier and the largest organic products exporter in the world with the reputation for quality, safety and the capacity.

Produce & provide high quality organic coconut products that are manufactured protecting the nutritional compositions and with zero additives.

Nutrient-Rich, Organic, and GMO FREE Premium Coconut Products

Enjoy a large assortment of 100% organic coconut based food & beverages sourced and manufactured ethically from the tropical paradise island – Sri Lanka. The reputed manufacturer & exporter of coconut based products in Sri Lanka – offers premium quality processed coconut products and organic spices for the international wholesale market.

Every coconut that turned into our products is hand-picked at its peak for optimal freshness and nutritional value and processed & manufactured using the ultra modern technologies at our own factory premises. In addition, we have recently diversified our product portfolio by introducing organic fruits, spices and Ayurvedic products with the guarantee of same quality & hygiene.



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