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Ecomplish provides professional design, technology and sustainability services to leading-edge projects. Since 2005, Ecomplish has been providing professional sustainability consulting services to land owners, developers, community groups, investors and government throughout Australia including New Zealand and south-east Asia, and South Africa. Ecomplish and its Associates: 1. possess over 20 years of experience, across six different industry sectors. 2. offer a personalized service, at a cost-effective price. 3. possess both theoretical and practical experience; working in, living in and designing sustainable communities and buildings; combined with matching project management expertise. For example, Ecomplish Director Ben O'Callaghan, lives in Australia’s most awarded sustainable community and developed his own energy efficient award-winning house in 2009. Ben lives and breathes “sustainable design” so can be relied up on deliver quality advice quickly and reliably across all stages of a project.