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After witnessing first hand the devastating effects that single use plastic waste can have on the environmental balance of different climates, also pairing this with the negative effects on our eco-system the manufacturing processes for these products produce. We decided to start our own zero-waste revolution!

In our personal lives we cut out as much single-use plastic as we could and made the eco-swap to a reusable and sustainable lifestyle. We then built Ecolust with a mission to provide the option to our followers to join our revolution and make a positive impact using the same tried and tested products.

Its not always easy to change from the mass produced throw away plastic products we can find in our supermarkets and high street shops, so we created a number of products focused around the most sustainable materials. Using these to craft high quality products which can be reused time and time again. Not only this, but at the end of its natural life they can be recycled or biodegrade to rejoin nature .


United Kingdom