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The environment in the world is seriously polluted with plastic waste, forming plastic islands in the oceans that affect and threaten the life of marine creatures and human health. Eco Straws Viet Nam was established based on the trend of green consumption to contribute to the improvement of the marine environment, without plastic waste and plastic straws. Eco Straws Vietnam have been shown to have a longer lifetime. They are 100% all-natural straws, produced from starchy cereals, vegetables and fruits with special formulas. Our straws can be used to replace plastic straws and cooking processes such as stir-frying, hotpot cooking, frying … with Eco Straws Vietnam if you accidentally throw away the straws and they are sucked into rivers, lakes or the sea we have created a good food source for fish and marine life. Eco Straws Vietnam are committed to making our products from 100% natural materials, not creating carbon dioxide. As the result, they are very safe for users.