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Eco Friendly Viet Nam JSC is based in Vietnam. We specialize in manufacturing and exporting Vietnamese environment-friendly products. In addition, we also have services such as export consignment, ODE outsourcing, OEM, supplier search, …Our foremost business criterion is honesty in cooperation, quality products, information security and speed at the forefront. Always bring the most value to customers when working with us. Our mission is to connect people to nature, inspire and live a greener, healthier and safer life on our planet. We specialize in the manufacture of products from natural ingredients. With the combination of technology, machinery and the ingenuity of talented artisans, special projects have been created. Very friendly with the environment, 100% no chemicals, so it is very safe for users, regenerating itself, decomposing completely in nature. All the products we create start with our love of nature, the earth, and our people. Our products focus on beauty, style, elegance, safety, and a wide variety of designs



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