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Eco Bottles and Stuff was set up by me, David Wright, to try to encourage people to switch from plastics items to reusable, practical alternatives. 

We are based in the beautiful Algarve region of Portugal ????????.

It’s  a region where we experience super hot summers.

Keeping hydrated is really important but I found myself buying more and more drinks in plastic bottles. So I decided it was time to go “green” and get myself a reusable bottle. I now use it everyday and love it.

This led me to decide to open a store selling eco products.

For years we have seen the amount of plastic bags, take away coffee cups and single use plastic water bottles which are thrown away increase and increase to a point where the earth is drowning in the stuff.

Most of the above are not recycled and end up either in landfill or rivers and ultimately in our oceans threatening sea creatures at a level we find hard to stomach.

Things have to change, let’s do it.