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Earthbound Creations (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated in January, 2013 manufacturing Recycled Handmade Crafts, Newspaper Pencils, Newspaper Handicrafts, Newspaper Bowls & Bins, Newspaper & Recycled Paper Bags and much more. Business operates as a social enterprise model (SEM) where employees are working from their own homes and deliver the products made to the business while empowering women employment and the rural youth.

It is a fully home grown company and we have progressed from our humble beginnings employing just 3 people in 2013 to an employer of nearly 360 by 2016. A main attribute of our success is a unique Sri Lankan design flavor inherent in our products. The entire production process is eco-friendly and labor intensive using waste materials which is ideally suited for exploiting local talent ranging from unskilled to semi-skilled as well as skilled professionals while also creating a line of products which are now being exported to countries such as Italy, UK, USA, Australia, Qatar, Germany, Hong Kong, Maldives and the Netherlands.

We believe that creativity, innovation and community involvement, are a catalyst for better business. We’re not just passionate purveyors of Recycled handmade products, but everything else that goes with a deep community engagement. That’s the essence of what we will do – but it hardly tells the whole story.


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