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DUG is a delicious, creamy and vegan-friendly plant-based drink. It’s made from potatoes, has a really low climate footprint and can be used just like any other milk. Genius.

DUG is a Swedish brand with its roots in science and research by Professor Eva Tornberg at Lund university. It’s where our patented emulsion technology was developed, and where we continue to develop new ways to harness the power of potatoes. Our plant-based drinks are currently sold in stores in Sweden, Ireland and the UK.

The DUG brand is owned by Veg of Lund.


Everyone wants a plant-based drink that tastes delicious, goes perfectly with hot drinks and is kind to the environment. It’s a tough nut to crack, but we’ve got it figured out. And who would have guessed that the humble potato was the answer?


Potatoes don’t need much to grow at all, making them a super-sustainable crop compared to others like soybeans, almonds, oats or dairy.


United Kingdom