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When Ed & Rich started Doisy & Dam back in 2014, it was with one clear goal in mind. They wanted to make the best chocolate in the world, and the best chocolate for the world.  Since  2013, we’ve seen a lot of progress and change in the world of chocolate. Big and small brands alike are coming along with bold claims, impressive manifestos and ambitions, and pretty pioneering packaging. We love to see this, and this is what helps progress the whole industry.

However, we believe the confectionery shelves are still very much behind where they need to be. Palm oil is still present in over 50% of supermarket products and the growers who nurture the cocoa beans that end up as chocolate are too often forgotten about. This is what helped shape our principles.

We've got principles on our products, as well as principles across our whole business, as we believe the two go hand in hand. Great products made by a great company. That's why we became a certified B Corporation back in 2017, the independent trademark of a business that meets the highest forms of social and environmental sustainability standards. Nice.



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