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DMT Environmental Technology is a fast growing company in the Netherlands. We supply equipment and systems for (bio)gas upgrading, (bio)gas desulphurisation, ground water purification, soil remediation and waste water treatment. Our challenge is to create a clear and prosperous future. In close cooperation with our clients we design, engineer and deliver biogas upgrading plants and plants for groundwater remediation. We work with local subcontractors and enhance new technology in cooperation with knowledge institutes world wide. Biogas upgrading One of the major products DMT Environmental Technology offers is the CarborexMS. This technology enables biogas to be upgraded to pure methane. The gas can be supplied in the national gas grid, or can be processed into car fuel or heating fuel. As the first company to introduce this technology, we are now the largest producer of biogas upgrading plants in the world with membrane technology. Please visit our website for our products and references: Waste water treatment DMT advises and delivers the equipment for waste water treatment plants. We have an extensive delivery program for floating surface aerators and mixers for the treatment of waste water. Another current issue is the treatment of waste water coming from households or small communities which are unable to gain access to mains drainage. Therefore we developed a range of compact sewage treatment plants that are of high quality, cost effective and with low maintenance.