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DMS Ventures is a leading solution provider in the field of Recyclable and reusable Green Energy field.

DMS Ventures has exclusive rights of Middle East region to sell and distribute "Smart Bins" a revolutionary Organic waste management product that converts Organic waste into 100% Organic compost within 20 hrs.

DMS Ventures holds exclusive rights of the Middle East region of "Carrara Docks" a hand crafted iPhone Dock made from 100% genuine Italian marbles. An exclusive piece of accessory for proud Apple iPhone users.

DMS Ventures also has flourishing trading business into fresh Fruits, vegetables commodities and packaging materials.

DMS Ventures is a leading company in the field of Recyclable Green Energy and Organic Waste Management, It provides revolutionary state of the art solutions to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse Organic waste into environment friendly organic compost.

UAE is a Gold Standard country that paves the way to entire world with its clean environment, emphasis on smart leaving by using Green and recycled energy and minimum wastage of natural resources.

The great and visionary leaders of UAE have put the emphasis on "Smart Lifestyle and Smart Cities" by utilizing natural resources and energy solution that provide minimal harm to its environment. Smart Bins by DMS Ventures is a humble tribute to this vision of UAE and a revolutionary economic solution towards achieving this goal.


United Arab Emirates