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Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies and Paper Product

Company profile

CRYSTALWHITE was established in 1989, we supply a wide range of commercial cleaning supplies and equipment and we’re committed to assisting our customers with their unique needs by providing them comprehensive and value-added products in meeting a full range of cleaning, sanitation and service needs.

We cater to a wide variety of customers’ needs and budgets; from commercial cleaners, schools and early childhood education centers to the hospitality industry. Our range extends from products made by large multinational companies to goods supplied by smaller, local manufacturers.

We stock a variety of commercial cleaning supplies and whether you are looking for a cleaning product or just seeking help with a cleaning problem, you are welcome to come in and browse or talk to our helpful staff for advice.

With over 250 cleaning products available in shop or online; including detergents, paper, rubbish bins and liners, floor pads, carpet cleaning chemicals, kitchen cleaning chemicals, dusters, window cleaning accessories, gloves and dispensers. We’ve a reputation for high quality, value and standards. We strive to give you the best value for your money.

We’re committed to protecting the environment while meeting the needs of our customers. We understand the growing desire to use products that are powerful yet safe. Our products not only perform well but also keep the planet safe.