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The Cove Creek aim is to manufacture an effective product, relying on simple formulas through combined naturally derived ingredients. Our skin care products provide impactful benefits whether used singularly or as a total skin care system. We strive for maximum satisfaction in your morning and evening cleansing ritual.


The Cove Creek approach reflects the lifestyle of our family. We live a simple life where we work the family farm hard, tending to the care of alpacas, goats, chickens and strays that stop by and decide to stay. We want to use simple products that nurtures our skin, cleanses our hair, and relieves sore muscles in a simple and effective way.


We promise our products are created of natural ingredients, free from chemicals, and are produced without animal testing. We will strive to incorporate eco-friendly packaging whenever and wherever possible. And we will always focus on balancing the profitability for growth while rewarding our employees and consultants generously with a share of our good fortune.


Cove Creek believes in camaraderie and teams rather than deep hierarchies. We value and reward the impact that any individual brings to their daily contribution and the supportive inspiration they give to others on their team. Together we work to research, produce, support, engage and simplify the success of each and every member in their role at Cove Creek.


Cove Creek launched its product offering during the challenging time of summer 2020 when global supply chains were disrupted. We are committed to packaging that is attractive and reflects the product’s ingredients of simple, natural ingredients. We will introduce Ocean Waste Plastics and other eco-friendly packaging beginning in 2021. 


The Cove Creek brand combines these three tenets: Use naturally derived ingredients in our formulas throughout our skin and body care products; create affordable skin care products for broad appeal; and develop a sales consultant opportunity for those who wish to represent our product and realize their individual business success.


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