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Co Bang is the name of a kind of sedge grass (Lepironia grass) that grows wildly in the wetland in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Throughout many generations we used its raw material to make handicrafts such as knit cushions, mats, baskets, hats and cottages. Till now, these grass products, yet are the main source of income for many rural farmer families.

One day, by accident, our farmers realized the similarity of plastic straws to grass stalks which have tube shape. Then, after many experiments, the solution to end up the single-use plastic straws was born...

And COBA Vietnam was established at that historical time. At COBA, we produce natural and eco-friendly products that are handmade of sedge grass. Through our products, we hope to inspire living green and zero waste spirit in communities. At present, we provide 100% natural grass straws and truly believe this solution is the mother nature answer to the single-use plastic epidemic, and all other alternatives such as metal, glass, paper and PLA.



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