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Sustainable paint with unrivalled coverage, made-to-order in tasteful shades. Get everything to decorate, delivered fast.

Paint is really just a recipe, but not all paint is created equal. High quality paint means depth, coverage and a smooth finish that makes life easier.

So we formulated the only products you’ll ever need, using only the highest grade ingredients - all locally sourced. It’s not that complex, it’s just great paint. And, all our paint is finished fresh to your order to remove waste.

Oh, and forget messy tester pots. Our clever Peel & Stick Samples are 100% accurate and made with real COAT paint. They go straight on the wall - no fuss, no mess, and the easiest way to test colours imaginable.

We started COAT for anyone who wants a stylish conscious home, without the struggle.

Our conscience

From day one we built COAT with a conscience, and made honest decisions we can stand by.

From our eco-formulations and recycled packaging, to sustainable logistics, operations and eco-accessories. We’re proud to say we’re carbon offset too, supporting UN Gold projects, and B Corp certified.

We’re taking control, wherever we can, to make paint better. There’s always more to do, and we’d love to hear your ideas. By joining COAT you’re choosing to take vehicles off the road, reduce waste, and prioritising sustainable materials. You’re helping to make things better for all of us.


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