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Cinnamon products, Dehydrated Foods & Spices

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We are specialized in manufacturing, & delivering Cinnamon products, Dehydrated Foods & Spices

Cino Ceylon supplies the super natural products out from worlds best Sri Lankan cinnamon. We guarantee super quality for economical prizes without any intermediate manufactures or sellers.

True cinnamon (cinnamomum zeylanicum) is indigenous to our island Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has been well known for its cinnamon for over two thousand years. Even the Ancient Greeks and Romans knew our reputation well. The reputation of Sri Lankan Cinnamon has been historically proven from ancient Greek and Roman times.

Cino cinnamon processes and exports, the finest yield of cinnamon grown in their own estates in Sri Lanka. With continues research and development the quality of our products is upgraded..Hence, it is aimed to maintain the reputation of Sri Lankan cinnamon as the best which is produced and exported in the world.

Cino ceylon supply a range of cinnamon based products. We can customize our products according to your requirements under your supervision.


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