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Chop Ching Hin Pte Ltd was established since 1987, started off as a plant nursery that steadily grew into a major supplier of softscape and landscape materials to government agencies, landscape service providers and retail nurseries. The company own 200 acres of land in Malaysia, 12 acres in Thailand and 7 acres in India. With a substantial team of workforce and professionals that manages a wide variety of trees, palms, shrubs, ground cover, landscaping solutions (GWS Department). Go beyond what is required of us, sincere & committed to our customers. We will not take no for an answer, we will do our very best in sourcing the plants to match the design from Landscape architects or contractors, as well as owners. We will overcome problems of shortage of plants or logistics management of plants. We will always give our 100% and then some. We will meet your needs.



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