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ChicP was founded by Hannah McCollum in 2016, specifically to produce healthy, sustainable, colourful dips. She began ChicP as a direct result of her concern with food waste and in order to help to raise awareness. Her main mission was to work with farmers and use their surplus.

Vegan lunch made by ChicP founder Hannah McCollum

Hannah has catered throughout Europe and the UK, cooking for large families and friends. Hannah hated seeing vast amounts of food and packaging wasted at events, so instead created dips and hummus from leftover dishes.

ChicP Founder, Hannah McCollum, in her organic vegetable garden. She has a basket filled with green vegetables as she goes to pick more vegetables from her plants

Hannah’s ambitions are to create a more sustainable future and to encourage as many people as possible to eat plant-based diets. If we all ate less meat and fish and ate food that was local and seasonal, the planet would be in a much better state and we would all be leading healthier, happier more productive lives.

ChicP Spinach and Parsley hummus

Hannah is hugely driven by health and the functionality of ingredients. All of the ChicP products are vegan, sugar-free, natural and healthy. They are all high in fibre and protein and full of healthy fats as well as containing 30% vegetable content.



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