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Changing the way people clean one tablet at a time

The facts are black and white, plastic pollution is a real problem. Plastic can be found everywhere. From the deepest parts of the ocean to the remote parts of the Antarctic.

A quick walk down the supermarket cleaning isle and you’ll be hit with a sea of plastic packaging. Why do we use single-use plastic every time we need to buy cleaning products?

Something needed to change which is why we created CHANGE. The POWERFUL cleaning product.... in a tablet! Just dissolve in water to make the solution, eliminating the use of single-use plastic spray bottles. 

Why Change?

Cleaning tablets are the new way to clean. No need to buy heavy plastic bottles from the store and no more useless single-use plastic every time you need to buy a cleaning product. What makes them so much better than traditional cleaning products?

CHANGE uses recyclable paper packaging with a huge reduction in single-use plastic. The only small part of plastic we use are in the tablet packet lining (to keep the tablet dry) which can be separated from the paper layer and recycled. The other bit of plastic is the small sticker we use to keep the pouch closed. By law we were required to ensure our package is sealed. That's it. Everything else is paper or reusable plastic. Less plastic means less waste that could end up in our oceans.

Since our product is lighter and doesn't use water there's much less CO2 produced in the production and transport of the product. Think about the weight and space involved with transporting traditional cleaners moving litres of water.

Water is precious. We aren't pumping water from communities who may need it into our product then shipping it away. CHANGE uses much less water in production and the water used by you can be used from a much better and sustainable source. 

All CHANGE packaging can be recycled (except for the little sticker to secure the packet). The boxes and pouches can be thrown into the regular paper recycle bin. The bottle can be pulled apart and recycled and the tablet packet layers can be pulled apart and placed in a Red-cycle facility and paper recycling. 

Just because we're better for the planet doesn't mean we've sacrificed cleaning ability. CHANGE Tablets have been trialed and tested to clean and clean well. 

Less than $2 a tablet for 300ml of cleaning solution is more cost effective than the leading supermarket brands.