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Eco-friendly Magnesium Cement Boards

Company profile

Cem-Rock was developed by Greenspan in a bid to fulfill one of the company’s core missions.

This mission is to help transition the construction industry from a slow, labor intensive process to something more efficient charaterictised by speed, safety, and quality. On top of this we had to ensure Cem-Rock was a green product something that wouldn’t cause damage to the envoirment in the current epidemic. What resulted from this, after countless years of research, development and testing was Cem-Rock.

Cem-Rock is an eco-friendly, light weight, high strength cement board with safer easier and faster application in comparison to traditional building boards. Cem-Rocks unique formulation gives the board a number of superior attributes allowing builders, DIY’s and Large Development company’s build with confidence. Cem-Rock boasts a wealth of resistant properties including, fire A1, water, mould and mildew.

Greenspan believe Cem-Rock properties will help us achieve our mission and provide a comprehensive solution to a lot of flaws in the construction industry.


United Kingdom