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Custom Printed Calico Shopping Bags are the perfect option for replacing conventional plastic bags.  They are reusable and they can last a very long time in the hands of caring individuals that decide to reuse them on a regular basis.  We are all looking for an alternative to Plastic that is clogging Australian waterways and county side around our beautiful country.  The visual pollution that these types of regular bags create is very disturbing.  In some place plastic bags can be seen hanging from trees.  They have also been given the name "National Flag" of some countries because they are really that bad.

Calico Bags have stood the test of time and are here to stay as a great alternative to may inferior bags sold on today’s market.  It is our pleasure to offer you a boutique range of Calico Bags that are well suited to Australian conditions and they also come in a wide range of colours and sizes.  Handles are also sold in two common sizes on all of our Calico Bags.  These include long handle calico bags and short handle calico bags.  We also use the best quality calico fabric that we can source.  Many of our bags come in standard sizes, however if your order is over 500 units we can completely customise your bags to your exact requirements.  By choosing this option with your Calico bags we can have the bags made to your exact specifications and colours needed.

Alternatively you can choose a standard Calico Bag which is normally held in stock.  If you require printing or decoration of your Calico Bags we certainly provide you with a wide range of economical printing options including one to four colours on your bags or a full colour CMYK print can be an option for cretin situations.