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We were founded in 1967 as Telford Plumbing and Drain Layers. This changed in the mid 1970’s when founder Paddy Telford acquired a Precast Concrete Pipe and Manhole Manufacturing Business. The Calcamite name originates from the two vital ingredients in precast manholes namely Calcareous materials and Dolomite stone. The Calcamite Concrete pipe sections were manufactured utilising a state of the art spinning process.

During this time a need was identified for a light weight inspection chamber and manhole system. Ever the pioneer Calcamite developed and patented the World’s first one Piece Poly Manhole which had the benching, riser and lid former all made in one single unit. This development lead to the acquisition of a Rotational Moulding machine which utilised a spinning process to make the plastic manholes- not unlike the process used to make the concrete pipes. With the new machinery came new Ideas and with its roots in the Plumbing Industry Calcamite soon started launching new and innovative products into the market. In 1987 Calcamite Patented the Two chamber verticle septic Tank. From this followed a range of On Site Sanitation Products which has led to Calcamite Making the unique claim that it is ‘… the only Company in the World that it knows of which can offer a full range of On Site Sanitation Solutions ranging from a Pit Latrine to a Package Treatment Plant…”.

Calcamite has continued the Pioneering Spirit with the development of the Ecomite Dry Toilet, the Biomite Biological Toilet and the Biomite recycling toilet.

It has also expanded the product range to include other areas of water conservation and protection such as the Rhino Brand of Rain Water Harvesting Tanks and Sand, Oil and Grease traps.

Calcamite is a dynamic, energetic Rotational Moulding company that is passionate about solving On Site Sanitation problems.

Calcamite prides itself on achieving SABS and Agrément certification showing our commitment to supplying a quality product.


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