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Book Me Bob, the premier AI chatbot trained by hoteliers, giving muscle and margin to global hotels after COVID reduced many to their knees. 

The only chatbot with a booking engine and integration inside Facebook Messenger, the conversational experience feels near human.

BMB AI Chat Bot is a solution to a way forward helping the industry regain confidence and courage. BMB works 365 days 24/7 is never late, never calls in sick, and never takes a break. 

AI innovation assisting and serving hospitality with speed, efficiency, precision, and complete consistency on-brand every time. Reducing costs, increasing online engagement and revenue, enhancing online guest experiences, improving productivity and employee wellbeing, saving precious time and money.

BMB speaks 12 languages and is in 14 countries and has pertinent data insights.

A partner with Microsoft Emerge X program.

Revolutionizing the hospitality industry with Artificial Intelligence technology. BMB is a disruptor with a purpose.


New Zealand

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