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Back in 2002, we recognised the growing environmental problem of plastic in our oceans and set out to challenge the status quo. Plastic consumption is out of control and polluting our planet at a scale that has never been seen before.

Formerly known as Biopac UK Ltd, we have recently merged with Australia’s leading eco-friendly packaging company to become BioPak.

Our mission is to produce packaging that puts the planet first and our ultimate goal is a waste-free world. We strive to offer the most sustainable and innovative packaging on the market and we’re dedicated to reducing any negative impacts our business has on the environment.

We champion compostable packaging as the ideal solution where food contamination is prevalent. We’re focused on reducing tree-based paper and fossil fuel-based plastic used in foodservice ware by offering eco-friendly alternatives. Our commitment to innovation has introduced industry-leading products such as the tree-free BioCane range – made from sugarcane pulp, a by-product of the sugar refining industry. Made from plants, designed for the circular economy.


Our foodservice disposables are designed and manufactured to provide an affordable, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing solution so your customers can enjoy food on the go, while minimizing negative impact on the environment. When you're running a food business, single-use packaging can be unavoidable, but we can help reduce the negative impact on the environment. Our packaging solutions are designed in Australia and sustainably sourced from our manufacturing partners across Asia. They are carbon neutral through the purchase of carbon offsets and designed to be either home or commercially compostable. Our product environmental claims are substantiated by independent third-party certifications and we have sustainable sourcing policies in place to ensure that all points in their supply chain are compliant with the most rigorous ISO environmental, quality and food safety standards.

Our wide and varied range of products – from coffee cups and cold drink cups, to plates, bowls and trays, napkins, bags and more – ensure that we have a sustainable packaging solution for whatever you’re serving.



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