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We had been aware of the award winning Biolytix wastewater treatment solution for some time and were impressed with it unique yet intrinsically simple approach to achieving a relatively high level of wastewater treatment. The technology addressed a number of the shortcomings of the traditional alternatives available in market in particular the minimal energy use and the reduced number of mechanical components. Since becoming aware of Biolytix they have won numerous international awards for the technology, have performed outstandingly well at independent trials and developed a strong satisfied customer base in New Zealand and a network of Biolytix trained and registered drainlayers to install and maintain installed systems.

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In January 2011, the opportunity presented itself for us to invest in the Biolytix products in New Zealand and we quickly formed a team that could give the technology the local representation it deserves. In February 2011, our team successfully purchased the Biolytix intellectual property for New Zealand and began manufacturing the Biolytix BioPod in Auckland to supply the New Zealand domestic on-site wastewater market.

We are now manufacturing and delivering the exact same product using the same components and manufacturing techniques and standards to ensure each BioPod leaving the factory has the highest level of quality assurance. We work directly with approved installers in each local region to ensure that Biolytix BioPod goes in the ground exactly as per the installation instructions and does that job that it is intended to do. We also continually liaise with engineers and Councils to ensure they have the latest technical specifications and their fingertips and that all installations are consistent with the latest District and Regional Plan requirements, Standards and Building and Resource Consent conditions.

In July 2011, we secured the Global Rights to manufacture the Biolytix patent and are looking forward to once again being in a position to share this product with the Australian and Pacific Island markets and beyond.


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