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Big Red is Singapore’s first “Total Indoor Environment Solution Provider”. Our wide experience in this complex and multi-disciplinary area is brought to you with all the advantages of a one-stop solution centre. Big Red Environmental specializes in using state-of-the-art technologies to find effective solutions for environmental problems we face in our everyday lives. Big Red specializes in restoration, remediation, protection and reverse technology. We operate at the cutting edge of this field – and provide solutions where other companies have yet to venture! On-site indoor air quality and environmental testing, evaluations and consultation. Carpet, rugs, upholstery, wall fabrics – cleaning and protection. Bio-aerosol decontamination and remediation, including SARS, H5N1 etc. Fire, smoke and soot clean-up service and restoration. Duct cleaning and video inspection. Microbial protection for hard and soft surfaces. Dust mite tracing and de-activator service. Flood water damage recovery, dehumidification and restoration. Big Red “Dry Fusion Technology” decontamination and restoration. Stone surface care, preserve and protection services.