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Bespoke Woodflooring is a brand dedicated to providing exactly what you want when it comes to high-end engineered wood flooring for any setting, whether residential or commercial.

Bespoke Woodflooring sourced only the highest quality boards and oils for all of our made-to-order engineered wood flooring from our long-term suppliers in accordance with our detailed product specifications.

Furthermore, before being sent to our London factory, each container is independently verified by an ISO inspector to guarantee that the unfinished flooring satisfies our strict quality standards. Our engineered wood flooring features an oak top layer supported by a composite core, making the boards extremely sturdy in many settings and providing a variety of other benefits and alternatives.

We have invested in a state-of-the-art finishing machine in our factory, which can manufacture up to 300m2 of finished boards per hour. This not only gives us complete management over the process and materials, but it also allows us to keep lead times to a minimum and turn over large orders rapidly.

We may also use our machine to finish clients’ own flooring and accessories using one of our 46 quality UV oils or one supplied to us for special project matching. We have managed to keep prices extremely competitive by fully managing the end-to-end process, and we are so confident in the quality of Bespoke Woodflooring that all flooring comes with a 50-year warranty.


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Bespoke Wood Flooring