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Belvoir Farm lies deep in the Leicestershire countryside, tucked away among the wild hedgerows and unruly shrubs of the Vale of Belvoir. Our amazing team of foodies and thinkers, tasters and sales folk, and packers are here – working together, with nature, to craft our range of premium soft drinks.

Our first bottle of Belvoir elderflower cordial was made in the Vale too – almost 40 years ago, in the farmhouse kitchen of our owner, Peverel Manners.

Wild elderflower spilled into Pev’s family garden and, together, they transformed it into cordial. Selling it to local farm shops was a simple business idea that took root and grew – and we use that original elderflower cordial recipe to this day.

Our premium range of soft drinks has now flourished, including cordials – to dilute – and lightly sparkling, which are ready to drink. Each crafted by taking simple ingredients – natural fruits, hand-picked flowers, fresh juices and spices – with all the subtle and sublime flavours of nature.



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