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In 2019, the Founder realized that our plastic waste is not really recycled as most of the manufacturing companies disclose on their packaging: only 9% is recycled worldwide and between 50% and 60% in the NL! She decided she had to do something, starting from herself by analysing a way she could decrease her own waste at home. A quick win would have been to find alternatives to the common single plastic use products in normal shops, but she couldn’t find many! Talking with friends and people around her (including at her kids’ school), she also realized that many people lack environmental education and/or they don’t know or care too much about the waste they are creating.

After that, Beewise was founded to encourage people to live a sustainable life by helping and informing them to make conscious choices with the day-to-day products they use. Beewise mission is to reduce plastic use by making sustainable, reusable and non-toxic products available to everyone. Our packaging is plastic-free and compostable. At Beewise, we believe that through small changes, we can collectively make a big impact on our planet!