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Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box

Company profile

Beebox is birthed from the desire of a stay-at-home-mother in preparing healthy food for her preschoolers. The process of achieving this desire was a daunting one as kids, as we all know, may not be susceptible to all sorts of food variety. But when we understand the notion of “kids eating with their eyes first”, we eventually realize the importance of food preparation in motivating them to take the first step to trying. We equally discovered that some options (not too many) for the kids are effective to getting them to try. The first step to develop their curiosity to want to try is already a huge success towards teaching them balanced and healthy diet!

This desire eventually grew into a vision to bring and share these experiences to as many mothers as possible. We needed to develop a product that could encapsulate all the essence of ‘a healthy companion’; 1. Environmental-friendly, 2. Sense of ownership (when kids feel proud of their stuff, they tend to use it even more!) 3. 100% safe (chemical-free), 4. Versatile and durable (we want a product that could grow with your child). 5. Healthy options (able to give them some options and variety). Hence the birth of Beebox bento-styled lunchbox – a premium 18/8 stainless steel grade that is chemical-free, environmental-friendly and kids-friendly. Through Beebox lunchboxes, we hope to reach out to as many as possible, the importance of a balanced and healthy diet. Beebox is envisaged as the healthiest solution for your family, be it packing or storage of food.

Beebox in its own time, will come as a unique solution to serve each and every household in Malaysia and beyond…..