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Multi-award winning designer Jaye Irving has been flying the green banner of sustainability for nearly 20 years exploring the relationship between the natural and built environment.

As an Architect, Artist, Builder, keen Permaculturist his interest in natural materials has led him on a on a global search for grassroots green design, fortifying his skills in integrated food systems, ecological sewage design and a gambit of natural building practices including bamboo, earth and straw.

At the core of these skills taught by simple craftsmen from around the world is the relationship with their environment.

For building homes is building community.

The experience of working in developing countries as a catalyst for change has left Jaye an extremely motivated and experienced practitioner, eco-consultant and hands-on worker for a greener future. Based in Northern Rivers Jaye’s practice has developed numerous sustainable housing models with a strong focus on reducing the impact of housing on the environment.