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Julia Washbourne came from Germany to HK in 2005 as a purchasing manager for a renowned mail order company. Her work exposed her to the issues of pollution, waste and labour exportation that plague global supply chains. 

Julia dedicated herself to finding a better way and discovered the endless benefits of bamboo and launched Bamboa in 2008, which is an established eco-friendly home and lifestyle brand. Julia is an environmentalist and an animal lover and enjoys many different ocean sports. You can always bump into Julia either on the ocean paddling (outrigger, surfski, SUP) or on the beach with her dog Ben Bamboa.  

At Bamboa Home, we constantly keep in mind that resources and energy supplies are becoming scarcer. Therefore we have considered it our calling to help rediscover the beauty and qualities of a sustainable resource: Bamboo. 

We design and produce attractive, useful home and lifestyle products using the sustainable source bamboo. Our products range from bamboo bed sheets, blankets, towels, t-shirts, sleep wear, bamboo sunglasses, home-wares, bathroom items and many more.

We even plant bamboo. A part of our proceeds goes to the GBI (Grow Bamboo Initiative) launched by us.

Bamboa has a retail store since 2014 in Hong Kong. We also have our office in Los Angeles, California U.S.A.


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