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Ausko Pte Ltd was founded in year 2000 with the focus to fill the gap in waste bin supply chain where there was increasing need for waste bin supplies amid growing population. Ausko has ever since grown from a trading company to a multi region; manufacturing and clean tech development company. Ausko has manufacturing plants in Shanghai , China as well as strong distribution and supplier network in Europe especially Germany where our partners produces German-engineered products for Asian market consumption. During the pre-IOT period, Ausko Pte Ltd has been very active in trade show regionally and in Europe where we found SmartBin solutions captivating and revolutionary for the waste industry. SmartBin’s fill level monitoring sensors coupled with secure cloud platform is definitive to our arsenal of products which we believe sincerely that SmartBin will ultimately be the catalyst to a better waste collection process which at the same time fulfilled our sustainability policy by enabling reduction in cost, offloading reliability in manpower and reduction of carbon emission for our esteemed customers. Ausko has been investing in new technology that speaks of revolutionary ideas such as SmartBin however we do not stop at one. We are constantly on the lookout for more products that fills in the gap in our regional market as well as solutions that enables increased productivity and sustainability.