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Established in 1977 in a small suburban garage, ARTEIL has grown from a small family business to become a leading manufacturer of Australian made seating, situated at Units 2-5/95 Garling St, O’Connor WA. STATE GOVERNMENT SUPPLIER In 1983, ARTEIL was successful in its tender to the State Government for the supply of office seating. ARTEIL continues to supply State Government departments to this day. With a reputation as being a manufacturer of high quality, ARTEIL has expanded into one of the leading suppliers of quality office and health care seating in Western Australia. Now established for over 30 years, we specialise in manufacturing quality chairs and seating for the individual, small and large business. As a manufacturer, ARTEIL has the flexibility to custom make your order to your particular requirements. With the experience of over 20 staff, you can be assured that ARTEIL will provide you with the very best of service and ultimately deliver a quality product.