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ARG Design is committed to mainstreaming regenerative design and development throughout the built environment.

We have designed and delivered many major projects and have been recognised through various awards including:

Three Cape Institute for Architecture Commendation Awards

Sustainable Building Best Practice (Community Category) Award and

Holcim International (Middle East and Africa) Sustainable Project Prize.

INTEGRATED DESIGN is critical to sustainability. ARG’s practice combines the professions of urban design, city and regional planning and architecture. We also work in association with key professionals in energy efficiency, waste management and cost planning to provide optimum service to our clients.

We believe in providing a professional service, on site and in budget.

ARG Design is registered with the South African Institute of Architects and its partners and employees are registered with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP), the Cape Institute for Architects, The South African Council for Planners (SACPLAN) and the Urban Design Institute of South Africa (UDISA).


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