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Water Treatment

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Our Mission For our brochure click here We are acutely aware of the worsening global clean water crisis fuelled by rising demand and exacerbated by dwindling groundwater reserves worldwide. Developing countries surviving on very low per capita water consumption such as China and India are most vulnerable although highly industrialized nations like the United States are not immune and in addition, need to deal with a formidable barrage of micro contaminants in drinking water caused by industry. Clearly, there is a clarion call for action. Our mission is to find better ways of increasing renewable water supplies and to bring them to market. Costly, energy intensive and inherently unsustainable membrane based systems, such as membrane bioreactors and reverse osmosis, are to be replaced by simple processes capable of setting new cost and performance benchmarks for water reuse, zero liquid discharge (ZLD), groundwater recharge and desalination. We have game changing advanced materials and primary technology platforms in place. Some processes are already in the market whilst others are still under development. If you wish to know more, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]