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We are Areca leaf plate Exporters in Madurai, Areca leaf plate Manufacturers in Madurai Tamilnadu India, Areca leaf plate Suppliers in Madurai. We at “Eco Friendly Concept” aim to reduce the impact on our environment by creating and promoting Areca Leaf products which are being produced with sustainable resource (made from fallen leaves – 100% natural) through Eco friendly process (no chemicals or additives used) and make sure it is acceptable to Earth when disposed (biodegradable & compostable).

Areca leaf plates have other special additional values after being used. The disposable plates act as a great source of organic manure. The plates can also be used as a good fertilizer which also enhances plant growth

Our Areca nut Leaf Dinnerware is used for many purposes. These elegant, customized disposable Areca plates made from Areca leaves are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic disposable plates. These biodegradable areca leaf plates are a natural and can be reuseable resource.