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AniPal is on a mission to create earth-friendly pet products, and protect threatened species while doing so.

Tackling Pollution From Impacting Wildlife

AniPal was founded after Steph Stubbe started working as a young RSPCA Veterinarian. She was shocked to see the number of wildlife patients suffering terrible injuries as a consequence of human pollution. 

Those heartbreaking and preventable cases helped Steph realise that, today, working effectively with animals requires both proactive action as well as reactive treatment.

Giving Waste A Second Life

‚ÄčAniPal started out providing waste plastic materials a second life as beautiful recycled pet products. Our mission is to lead by example and inspire the veterinary and broader animal industries to adopt proactive, sustainable practices which cleanse our environment for the benefit of all our AniPals.

There are over 840,000,000 pet cats and dogs in the world living their best lives. And most of these little fury friends are eating about 1/5 of the worlds fish and meat. As most of us know, eating meat is detrimental for the environment, due to the land, energy and water it uses. The farming of cattle has a large global impact – causing deforestation, mass loss of biodiversity and a large carbon footprint. 

Great For the Planet

But what's the alternative to a meat based diet for our pets you ask?

To answer this questions we kick started a journey to create earth friendly treats that also happen to be delicious. 

Check out all the juicy benefits found in our nutritious and delicious insect and seaweed based treats via our journal here.

Even Better for Dogs

Did you know that meat proteins are the number one cause of food intolerances?

8 out of 10 top dietary allergens for dogs are red meat based! Our treats offer a protein rich alternative which are hypoallergenic & approved by vets - meaning they are kind to some of the more sensitive furry souls.

Thinking Global Acting Local

At Anipal we are always striving to improve every aspect of our business. We are continuously experimenting with how Anipal can positively contribute to the world around it - through education in the pet space, as well as environmental projects to protect our threatened species.

We now remove 7x the amount of carbon we produce through supporting the reforestation of the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in SW Australia.