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AMS • COMPOSTABLE is the Global Leading Manufacturer of Compostable Disposables: our cutting-edge green technologies are presented as tangible solutions to the global plastic pollution crisis. We work together with: States, UN Agencies, Civil Society Groups and the Private sector.

AMS • COMPOSTABLE intends to develop strategic alliances with distributors in all latitudes and thus help through our green products to reduce consumption of plastic, raise awareness and lead the market with certified organic, biodegradable and compostable top quality solutions.

What do we do? (Mission) Manufacture compostable products made with 100% natural raw materials, promoting the responsible consumption of single-use products, aligned with green and sustainable economies.

What is our promise? (Vision) To remain the leader that promotes transformation from harmful plastic to new eco-friendly ways, continually expanding our product portfolio and our presence to promote a sustainable economy.