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Gluten Free and Organic Food Products

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We care for consumers with special dietary needs, providing products that not only taste great, but leave you feeling great too!

We believe that food – all food – should always be delicious. We’ve welcomed the ‘free-from’ movement with open arms, but why should ‘free-from’ mean foods that are lacking? How about we stop talking about what food isn’t – and start celebrating what it is?

Regardless of your allergies, intolerances, dietary preferences, flavour should ALWAYS be at the heart of what we eat, and ’free-from’ food should be no different. We source the best-quality, organic, ethical ingredients for our products. Very often, ‘free from’ foods use traditional ingredients, simply processing out the gluten. We don’t like all this meddling. Instead, we use ingredients that are NATURALLY gluten free, and combine them in clever recipes to create satisfying, exciting food.


United Kingdom