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The need for a sustainable solution to address South Africa’s growing demand for energy has led to immense innovation and opportunities within the energy sector. The regulatory environment is complex and undergoing constant change to keep pace with, and provide, the framework for a changing industry, and to increasingly regulate renewable energy and energy efficiency requirements.

Investors, trustees, lenders, shareholders, employees and customers alike increasingly recognise and value the importance of understanding how a company impacts on the environment and community in which it operates, and how the environment and community impact a company’s business. This recognition is followed by an increasingly regulated environment within which companies must conduct business. Also, an acceptance that prudent investing must take environmental, social, and governance considerations into account.

It is our mission to help you compete and do business in this new world.

We work with organisations to assist them:

(i) to develop and implement energy and energy efficiency initiatives; and

(ii) to grow their businesses sustainably and invest responsibly.

Through our services we seek to help you navigate and succeed in the dynamic regulatory environment dealing with energy procurement, energy efficiency, sustainable development, green building, climate change and responsible investing and protect your business from these regulatory developments.



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