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Sustainable Agricultural Technology

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Food Security
Empowering cities to manage, monitor autonomous hydroponics greenhouses under one unified platform.

Healthy Food
Offering natural and locally produced vegetables that are free of pesticides and weedicides at all times.

A powerful solution to optimise the agricultural productivity with precision demand supply planning and quick payback.

Cloud-based IoT
Using the latest MQTT IoT technology, greenhouses can now communicate and learn from each operation, making world-wide scalability superfast, easy and economical.

AI Everywhere
Advanced image and video processing, optical character recognition technologies, that autonomously monitors, manage and learn from collated data for planning, forecasting and informed decision making.

Remote Monitoring
Advanced sensors and robotics reduces labour intensity, with centrally managed remote monitoring capability; wherever the greenhouse, AiGROW specialists are always on the watch from wherever they are.


Sri Lanka