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Agama Biogas was established in 2008.

Born from a successful nurturing process under AGAMA Energy (Pty) Ltd

The company started with four shareholders and for a number of years ran pilot projects in and around South Africa looking at the potentials for biogas in Industry, farming, rural applications and urban applications.

Solid shareholder support, good contacts, key sales and very low overheads have enabled the brand to survive through the growth phase of the biogas industry in South Africa.

In 2014 the development phase was complete and resulted in Gordon Ayres being hired to take the company from a development base to a full manufacturing entity.

In Early 2015 the management team made an offer to the other shareholders to purchase the company. This was accepted and the new focus for the company has been roll-out of biogas solutions into the mainstream market.

The company presently has over 300 working biogas systems in South Africa making it the biggest biogas equipment supplier in the country.

Before we started building systems we explored successful and unsuccessful micro biogas systems all over the world. We discovered a huge amount of community based systems in India that were not working due to leaking and any number of systems that were poorly manufactured and designed worldwide. This gave us our starting point to ensure the very best would end up on site, no matter where in the world.

The AGAMA BiogasPro digesters are prefabricated waste-to-energy solutions.  The BiogasPro is a unique, patented system that is engineered, designed and manufactured in South Africa for African conditions. The AGAMA BiogasPro is also the first small digester to achieve certification by the South African Pipeline Gas Association (SAPGA)


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