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Aecoz is a concept of a bunch of serial entrepreneurs and environment enthusiasts. We have always wanted to make a difference in the world and give back to society in any small way possible. ‘Our Earth does not belong to us, we only borrow it for a little while’ is the motto we believe in. So, with the intention of leaving behind clean earth for the next generation, we have set out on a tough journey, ‘A Plastic free world’.

With constant innovation and new product launches, we have already carved a niche in this industry. Introducing 100% No plastic paper – Aecoz Apas and introducing spill-proof heat-sealing lid is another. There is more to where this came from. Join hands with us in this marvelous journey of leaving behind beautiful earth.

We are also one of the leading exporters of disposable paper soup and salad bowls. Our paper containers are sturdy and of excellent quality. These paper disposables are used for both hot and cold food items. This can also hold dry and liquid food, making it a perfect eco-friendly paper packaging. We cater to our happy customers from many different parts of the world, UAE, North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.