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Ace Acoustics (UK) specialise in noise & reverberation reduction together with total sound management in all kinds of internal environments. The benefits of good aural design are well established and, when sound becomes simply noise, noise becomes a problem. Consider just a few examples (of many):-

Students can’t hear their tutors.

People in restaurants cannot hear each other.

Employees can’t do their jobs properly.

Stress levels will increase generally and maximum efficiency is inhibited

Congregations mishear the delivered message.

Audiences don’t hear the performance as intended.

Ace Acoustics are skilled in the science of acoustic control and sound management. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, our attention to detail and our ability to meet any time and budgetary restraints agreed. Our primary aim is to build mutually beneficial customer relationships from the very outset. Ace Acoustics can solve the problems outlined above with its superb range of acoustic walls, acoustic ceilings and acoustic panels. The unique Whisper Walls system is rapidly becoming first choice for many companies in the international design and architectural sectors because its stunning appearance, superb quality materials, acoustic efficiency and almost limitless flexibility, effortlessly create the visual and aural ambience required by such demanding clients. Ace Acoustics is approved and Licensed Installer Dealer (LID) of the Whisper Walls® System for the UK and Ireland.



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