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AAD Tech

Air Handling Technologies for Energy Efficiency

Company profile

AAD Tech has a great story, a brain child of Mr. Rahul Bhargava and Mr. Mayank Bhargava in the year 2006. We were a branched from our sister company Airpac Cleantech Ltd. With a unique product which is meant to change the industry, we look to resolve the challenges faced on day today basis by our compatriots with technologically advanced design based solutions. We combine the latest in engineering technology with specifically designed software to offer Integrated Controls over our AHU based on proprietary technology. We have pioneered, innovated and imparted information of EC technology and its installation in India for Air Handling Units. Over past few years, we have sustained growth, maintained quality and earned credibility.

Our expertise in pharmaceutical industry, with deep understanding of pressure gradients, Pressure drops across filtrations, Clean room classes enable us to overhaul the complete system, resulting in substantial energy savings. With our goal in sight we have drained the past and will still continue the path breaking tradition of relentless innovation in the AECS systems in the pharmaceutical Industry/Comfort cooling industry. Our 24 hours running systems, provide you with energy efficient technology having lucrative payback.



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