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The waste management industry has unfortunately been redundant in innovations for thousands of years. Keeping alive the medieval practice, modern societies around the world till date dispose of wastes into landfills, burying them in the ground and then completely forgetting about them. It is penultimately broken down into chemicals and adulterates our food, water, and land.

In 2021, the practice remains much the same. The massive waste generated due to a nation's growth is undeniable and slowly it reveals itself through uncontrolled landfill mountains. It was through this sustainable distress and trying to solve a global problem, the seed of 3RM was planted.

Manish and Paras had a cushioned software venture expertise in enterprise solutions. The belly sting for involving themselves into a more impactful and purposeful cause, where they could fusion their knowledge in technology and indigenous solutions carved the base for 3RM.

Today 3RM is one of the pioneers in India's waste management game and its thought leadership. Their model is deep-rooted and resonates with the government's sustainable goals.

Having removed close to 1 hundred thousand metric tonnes of waste so far from India, 3RM is a solution first company enabling modern technologies and spirit to curb the waste management problem in the world.

3RM constantly innovates models and platforms to enable a vision of a litter-free society and works across channels to inject the DNA of zero-waste in society.