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1N9 is a radically natural response to the challenge of plastic overuse and the terrible pollution caused by conventional household chemicals.

We are a beautifully simple solution to the pollutants that endanger us and the plastics that choke our planet.

We face the challenge of reducing plastic use together.

This is a revolution that must begin at home, with the products that we use every day. The cleaners we use should protect us and our environment as well as cleaning our homes.

We developed the 1N9 cleaning range in response to this challenge. A radically different home cleaning solution.

1N9 uses natural ingredients in a hand pressed soluble tablet cleaner to transform your home and your impact on the environment in one stylish cleaning solution. It’s more than reducing plastic use. It’s the beginning of something radically natural and new.


1N9 is designed to protect you and your family from exposure to dangerous cleaning chemicals and protect the environment from needless single plastic use. Cleaning alongside nature.

Natural Toxin-Free Ingredients

1N9 Modern Cleaner is formulated using natural and fresh ingredients free from harsh chemicals hand pressed into our distinctive, stylish soluble natural cleaning tablets.

Handmade Cleaner

1N9 is handpressed natural soluble cleaner made using natural cleaning ingredients to harness the cleaning power of nature.

1N9 is radical, simple and effective. Our cleaning range provides the convenience of spray cleaners at a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional harsh cleaners. We’re doing the obvious, naturally.


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